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This code is under GPL.

You can run it directly out of the box, if you decompress the archive in your home dir on Unix or C: on Windows. After that you can run bin/themamap on Unix or bin/themamap.bat on Windows.

If you want to place it in another place, please modify those files according to your installation. Beware not to put it in directories whose names contain spaces or non plain ascii characters.

A build.xml file allows you to rebuild themamap.jar using ant. The API documentation may be built using: ant docs.

ThemaMap uses other open-source software coming as jar files with this distribution. They are all in the "ext" sub-directory. Please read the text files in each directory for information about their exact licence or their source code.

Downloads of version 1.3.0 are available:

Downloads of version 1.2.0 are available:

Downloads of version 1.0.5 are available:

Subversion Repository:

svn co --username anonymous https://forge.greyc.fr/svn/themamap/ themamap


Greyc Université de Caen CNRS CRH ENSICAEN CERTIC

Projet supporté par le Contrat de Projet État Région Basse-Normandie 2007-2013